Stone Ponys Model Horses

The Peter Stone Company was founded in 1996 by Peter and Elaine Stone.  Peter Stone is the son of Sam Stone, founder of America's first model horse company in 1950 Breyer Molding Company.  Peter worked at Breyer for many years, and came to be known as "Mr. Breyer".  Peter's dream was to manufacture  "life like" model horses that was as real as the horse and to otherwise be recognized as the maker of the fienst model horses in the world.  Founding The Peter Stone Company became the realization of that dream. 

Since founding The Peter Stone Company, Peter focused on assembling a team if artists, artisans and craftsmen capable of contributing to the creation of the finest model horses found anywhere.  In addition, Peter regularly invites well known Equine artists to work within the Shipshewana artist foundry to create special One of a Kind Artist Edition Model Horses that exceed to finest quality.

As a result of these efforts, the model horses offered have become the most sought after model horses in the world by well known collectors.  These truly fine model horses are offered at various model horse shows held throughout the year, and at two websites, and

 Our hope is that you will enjoy your model horses for generations to come!


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