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A Young Girl in Wales


I've spent the last 10 years of my career in education, and still spend a great deal of time working with youth.  I was intrigued to say the least when we recieved an email from this young girl in Wales.  She had created a web series using model horses.  She was writing all of her own stories, shooting and editing all of her episodes, and doing the voices for each character.  If that weren't enough she also had a fan base, not just of a few children, but upwards of 50,000 and they were all ages.  The truly exciting part was the effect she was having on pre-teen girls.  I found a plethora of young girls emulating this young girl from Wales.  They were creating their own websites, their own business models, and they were writing stories..writing.  If you knew how difficult it can be to get a child to write something for school, and this they were doing simply because it was fun, you would sit up and take notice too.  These girls were buying and selling their own creations, painting and customizing models.  I'm still in awe of how both this young girl from Wales, and the model horse industry has empowered these young women.

  If the education system could get children half as excited and engaged in learning, as the model horse world has, we wouldn't hear the discussions we do today, in politics, about our schools. 

This bright and engaging young girl from Wales is Miss Amy Davies, a mere 19 years old.  But you would never know to talk to her that she's just 19.  Her savvy business mind, and passion for her work, make one feel as though you are speaking with a seasoned business woman.  Her committment to her work and to her fans is beyond her years.  Currently she lives in London, and is attending University studying animation. 

In the coming months we hope to bring you more of Amy's art and designs, in many unique and innovative forms.  Look for Amy's new online comic series of Conquering Tide, and soon to be animated series.  You will just have to watch to see what's coming next!  And very soon Amy will be a guest blogger for us!!


Thank you so much for visiting Stone Ponys...hope to see you again soon!!



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Written by Shopify — September 25, 2012


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